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Only full-time students who can benefit from a Memorandum of Agreement between their releasing institution and the OECD can obtain an unpaid internship within the Organisation. Areas of study must be directly related to the Organisation’s programme of work.

These internships are for students who:
  • are, in principle, nationals of an OECD member country
  • are full time in the field of economy or in another discipline related to the work of the OECD (social affairs, trade, agriculture, development, education, employment, environment, finance, fiscal affairs and statistics, amongst others);
  • have a memorandum of agreement established or to be established between the OECD and their university or institute of origin;
  • master English or French and have the capability of drafting in one of these languages; a knowledge of the other language would definitely be an advantage, as would knowledge of other languages used at the OECD; and
  • are capable of working in a team in a multicultural and international environment. ​

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